Want tsunpak and
other MSTS programs
to work with mini- routes?


Want to install
another route into a
mini-route folder?


Create a shortcut
for your mini-route?



is for You!

Want an


Want your markers to
show up while working
in a mini-route?

Use RailDriver
with mini-route?

Want to use the
Editors and tools
separate from what
is in the registry?






A Swiss Army Knife for MSTS Train Simulator

Here is a screen-shot of the opening menu.
Here you select which path you want to use and click the Change button.

Then you confirm the selection as in this screen-shot.

NOTE: These screen-shots are from the DEMO version, it only looks on your C: Drive.
The real version will search all drives except: CD-ROMs,
Network attached Drives and any drives that the system considers removeable.

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Page Last updated 3/7/2010