ConBuilder Pro

a consist building and
trainset file checking utility.

By Carlos AM Gomes, Joe Smith & Charles Stagg.


The function of this program is to help all those who want to have a "clean" environment for MSTS. The main function is, of course, to make consist building an easy task, but since there are so many files involved, there are chances for some to be missing or to contain errors; therefore the feature of performing tests was needed. One of the main things it does, is to check if all needed files are in the right place. It also has many other tools and features such as Loose Consist editing, and Cabview and Sound aliasing.

Program Help
Besides a major Help file, a private support forum is provided for priority help with ConBuilder and MSTS to the purchasers of ConBuilder. Want to see the help file? Here is the download for it.

ConBuilder Features

  • Set MSTS Path
  • Create Consists
  • Edit Consists
  • Create Random Consists
  • Insert Multiple items in a consist
  • Renumber consist items
  • Preview Consist
  • Calculates MaxVelocity (New with ver 5)
  • Allows user to change Durability (New with ver 5)
  • Filter Engine or Wagon Lists
  • Reverse Engine/Wagon in consist
  • Delete Engine/Wagon from consist
  • Test Consists
  • Test Activities
  • Test Engines
  • Test Wagons
  • View Engine/Wagon picture and Description
  • Shape Viewer Interface to aid in creation of picture for item viewing and consist preview
  • FixShape Interface to aid in fixing bad shapes.
  • Cabview and Sound Aliasing
  • Loose Consist Editing
  • Missing files Test
  • Check for non-Unicode files
  • Rename Engine/Wagon
  • Edit Engine Power and coupling parameters
  • Edit Wagon Weight and coupling parameters
  • Determine if engine/wagon is used in a consists and list consists that it is used in.
  • Open Eng/Wag file in Unicode Editor
  • Determine/Report Number of Train database files and hard disk space used
  • Report most powerful, longest and heaviest  engines
  • Report longest and heaviest  wagons
  • Help File available in English, German, and Dutch


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Last updated 8/30/2010